B-hyve. Smart Water Management.

B-hyve. Water Matters.

Of all freshwater consumed around the world each year, 90% is used to grow things.

But a tiny percentage of that water use is managed or measured by a Smart Device. Across the globe, unmanaged watering results in the loss or misuse of billions of gallons of the earth's most precious resource - fresh water.

B-hyve's technology ensures every watering event - from a single flower garden to a city park to the largest farms in the country - is monitored, well managed and measured. Since 2017, B-hyve has helped conserve over 50 billion gallons of water around the world.

B-hyve. Healthy Plants. Healthy Planet.

Human beings grow plants for three primary reasons: for food, to sustain us, for beauty, to nurture us, and for protection, to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

In each of these cases, Mother Nature gets most everything right. But when she doesn’t, B-hyve steps in and delivers precisely the right amount of water to grow the healthiest plants possible, leaving the rest of the planet’s water in oceans, aquifers, rivers and lakes.

B-hyve. Alive.

Like the vibrant natural ecosystem it supports, B-hyve itself evolves over time. Our engineers are always discovering ways to make B-hyve smarter. Our designers are on a continuous mission to make B-hyve simpler and more accessible to users around the world, and our hardware  teams are on the bleeding edge of communications technologies to provide easy cloud connectivity in any environment. B-hyve never sleeps.

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