B-hyve. Universal.

B-hyve. Peerless.

Orbit has automated watering for tens of millions of homes throughout the world for over 50 years. From faucet to farm, B-hyve is the only universal water management system in the world, and the only brand you can find as easily at the end of a hose tap as you can in the center of a pivot controller. B-hyve's reach is unparalleled across residential, commercial landscape and agricultural settings.

B-hyve. Makes Every Brand Better.

B-hyve makes every automated irrigation brand better. Consumers can easily replace their existing water management device with a B-hyve device, as we easily integrate with the most popular brands in the world.

B-hyve. Wherever Water Flows. 

Unlike most water management solutions, B-hyve belongs indoors, too. The B-hyve Home not only has above- and below-ground water management. Our whole home solution provides flood sensing, water management and shut-off. B-hyve doesn’t just help grow the things that sustain and nurture us; it helps families protect what matters indoors as well.

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