Outdoor mist systems - mist hose

Mist Cooling Systems

Why Choose Mist Cooling Products?

• WATER EFFICIENT: Cool down without wasting water. Outdoor misting products are water-efficient. Requiring minimal water usage of 1/2 gallon of water per hour per nozzle.
• VARIETY: Choose from Personal Mist Stands, Preassembled Mist Kits, and PVC Mist Cooling Systems.
• VERSATILITY: You only need a faucet and a hose. Then your mist cooling product can be positioned exactly where you want it.
• DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Your misting product is designed to withstand the effects of sun and weather exposure, with UV-resistant tubing and durable brass and stainless steel nozzles

Orbit Means Dependability and Sustainability

Given the current conditions of available and accessible fresh water, smart watering is much more than a personal concern. Orbit works with national, state and local agencies who are committed to ensuring every property in their purview is leveraging smart water management. We're certified by national and global agencies, including EPA WaterSense, and B-hyve is available on all major smart devices, in addition to being compatible with the world's most respected automated irrigation systems. Orbit’s mission is focused on a more sustainable future for yard care products, water usage reduction, educating customers, and saving people money.

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