B-hyve. Community

B-hyve. Inspires. 

The B-hyve Community is a collection of nearly one million consumers, professionals and partners. We use data-driven insights every day to inform, educate and inspire our community, whose members are connected to each other and to us via the B-hyve mobile app. B-hyve Inspires is our engagement channel on the app, and it allows us to deliver incredibly precise high value opportunities ranging from hyper-local property recommendations to community educational events to global insights about the state of water in our world.

B-hyve. Partnership.

Given the current conditions of available and accessible fresh water, Smart Watering is much more than a personal concern. B-hyve works with national, state and local agencies who are committed to ensuring every property in their purview is leveraging smart water management.

We're certified by national and global agencies, including EPA WaterSense, and B-hyve is available on all major smart devices, in addition to being compatible with the world's most respected automated irrigation systems.

B-hyve. Cares.

At the heart of B-hyve is a firm conviction that we can change the way the world waters. Earth's most valuable resource is also among its rarest, so every property – no matter its size – should have a B-hyve Smart Water Management solution installed to manage the flow of water.

That's not enough. Through our charitable foundation OrbitCares, we've donated devices to schools, non-profits, community gardens and other organizations who'd benefit from the brilliance of B-hyve. Across the country, B-hyve even plays a role in growing food that nourishes marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

B-hyve. Believe.

To all of us at Orbit, B-hyve is much more than a timer on your tap. It's a sophisticated collection of capabilities designed to manage watering most effectively. It's a community of consumers and partners working together so that everyone on earth has access to consumable, fresh water.

It's a cause we believe in passionately. Come join our mission to change the way the world waters.

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