B-hyve. Brilliant.

B-hyve. The Power of Data.

When a new B-hyve device is activated, something important is happening well beyond the consumer's back yard. A connected device becomes part of a global collection of information managed by B-hyve's Data Science and Customer Engagement Teams.

Every day, the powerful machines that manage B-hyve's information system collect more than a million data points and aggregate, organize and combine those data points with information we collect from other sources to generate powerful insights about our homes, our communities, our cities and our world.

We put those insights to work every day.

B-hyve. Brilliant in the Air.

Weather is actually the accumulation of thousands of micro-events occurring in the air, on the ground, and in and above our planet's waters.

A system monitoring these events must track temperature, wind, humidity, UV and precipitation variations. Using complex algorithms, B-hyve establishes the ideal watering solution for each property it oversees.

B-hyve. Brilliant in the Yard.

B-hyve takes in additional inputs from the space it's watering, like the amount of sun and shade, the kinds of plants that are growing, and even the angle of slope in the ground. Together these variables help determine a unique and ideal watering strategy for that day, a strategy that may be completely different twenty-four hours late r based on the unique characteristics of the property, like structures that prevented the sun from reaching the ground, and spaces where the sun shone brightly.

B-hyve. Brilliant Underground.

More mysteries are solved underground, where B-hyve measures the amount of water in the soil. The soil we grow things in is like a sponge; it can only absorb so much water before runoff and water waste occurs.  Plants themselves are limited to how much water they can contain and how much water they can access from the soil.   B-hyve won’t water an area that isn’t in need of watering, and it will ensure soil and plants that need hydration receive a sufficient amount.

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