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When it comes to underground irrigation products, Orbit Irrigation is recognized as the leader in the Do-It-Yourself industry. Customers look for the "Orbit" name.

Apr 16

How Smart Watering Works

Smart Home is all the rage—and most products are built for inside the home. Here at Orbit we believe that living shouldn’t be confined to the four walls of your home. That’s why we launched our innovative award-winning B-hyve controllers bringing smart watering to our customers. So what is smart watering? Well, think of this: wouldn’t it be awesome if your sprinkler timer could track your local weather forecast and automatically shut-off the sprinklers when it rained? What if your sprinkler timer could also look back at how much water … Read More

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Apr 04

PVC vs Poly: Which is Right for You?

If you’re a homeowner getting ready to put in a new sprinkler system, or just making some changes, you’ve probably noticed the many options that can be confusing. One of the first you might encounter is what pipe to use for your system, the two main options being PVC and Poly-pipe.  This post seeks to clear up some of the confusion so you can make the right choice for you.


PVC (abbreviated for ‘polyvinyl chloride’) is a rigid, non-flexible piping. Irrigation piping is usually white in color (grey is for electrical, … Read More

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Mar 29

Push Fittings–Why you should switch.


Push Fittings are the next generation, cleanest, fastest and most dependable way to install and maintain an environmentally-friendly, professional-grade sprinkler system. WARNING–if you keep reading this you won’t ever want to go back to traditional fittings again. Here’s why:



Revolutionary Technology

With the “push-and-go” design, installation has never been faster or easier. In fact push fittings have proven to be 3X faster to install than traditional fittings. Say goodbye to using glue or primer and waiting 24 hours for it to dry. Say goodbye to tools, torches, and clamps. Just push on … Read More

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Mar 27

5 Tips to Starting up your B-hyve Hose Faucet System

1-Replace Batteries

To achieve the best performance from your timer, replace your batteries (AA) at the beginning of each season.

2-Update Firmware

If you have not recently updated your firmware, make sure to follow the steps below:

Open B-hyve app > go to settings > devices > select your hose tap > select update firmware. 

IMPORTANT! While updating firmware make sure you are within Bluetooth range, and keep the B-hyve app open until firmware update is complete.

3-Clean Filter

Clean … Read More

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Mar 26

4 Products to Boost Your HoseEnd

Hose faucets are a great utility for keeping any yard in top shape. They’re so versatile with all the tools and devices you can attach. Today, we’ve got four products (and one bonus product) to help beef-up your hose faucet and turn it into a powerhouse of productivity and garden beautification.

1. Quick Connects

All the great attachments for a hose have one slight annoyance: the constant on/off. Sometimes you need a pistol, sometimes a wand for high, hard to reach places. Sometimes you want a sprinkler. Well, no more spinning these … Read More

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Mar 22

6 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

1. Get a Jump on Cleaning
Spring is just around the corner and your bulbs and plants will be popping up soon! Start by clearing all the broken branches, leaves and other debris out of your garden beds and lawn. Trim off any dead or broken branches on your trees and bushes. Deadhead your blossoms by removing the drooping or fading flowers from the rest of the green, healthy stem. This will encourage new growth saving you from turning to seeds to regrow your flowers.


2. Prepare your soil
In areas with winter … Read More

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Mar 20

4 Tools that Simplify Fixing Sprinklers

We all know that feeling of our hearts sinking when we accidentally run over the sprinklers with the lawn mower or when testing the sprinklers and it looks like you have a geyser in your yard. Having a yard is definitely a lot of work, but these four Orbit tools make fixing the sprinklers easier.

1.Sod Cutter

As a home owner the sod cutter is a must have tool. With the sod cutter, you won’t be trimming your sprinklers instead of the grass anymore. It does a great job of cutting away … Read More

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Mar 15

5 Techniques to Prevent Water Runoff

Have you ever felt like you were wading through a river when walking on your lawn after a rain storm or watering your yard? This is due to water runoff where some of the water is not absorbed by the ground. Water runoff not only drowns your lawn and wastes water, but it also can pick up pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers, trash, debris, oil, and pet waste. These pollutants ultimately end up in local streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Here are five techniques that you can use … Read More

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Mar 10

The Key to Get Grass as Green as a Golf Course

Want to avoid brown spots on your lawn? Head-to-head spacing is vital to getting an even amount of water and without over-watering in the process. But you have to make sure you have proper spacing? Below are a few tips to get spacing just right.

As the name implies, head-to-head means the spray from each sprinkler head overlaps the spray from the sprinkler head beside and across from it. If the spray is not overlapping this is called using a “stand alone” method and you will probably see those brown doughnuts … Read More

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Mar 05

3 Tips for Hassle Free Valve Boxes

Valves are the heart of your underground sprinkler system. They control what zones are on and off, when and how much water passes through. And valves live in a harsh environment. Hot & cold, condensation and humidity.


Eventually, almost every valve box needs some repair. It could be as small as a new solenoid or diaphragm or replacing the whole valve altogether. And there’s nothing more frustrating then having to get to valves that are awkwardly placed or difficult to work on. So here are three tips for anyone planning … Read More

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