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The Happy Science of Being Outdoors
In an age where we spend more time indoors, connected to devices and technology, these studies highlight the importance of preserving our outdoor spaces, both man-made and natural. City parks are equally important as national parks, providing access to all.
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Save Money and Go Green with a Smart Home Sprinkler Timer
The B-hyve is the future of lawn care. Whether you’re in the garage, the comfort of your bed, at work, or halfway around the world, you can monitor and control your sprinklers as if you were right next to the timer. And with WeatherSense and smart watering programs, the B-hyve is as good for your wallet as it is the environment. B-hyve homes have already saved more than 30 billion gallons of water.
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Mildew in My Garden!
Powdery mildew has microscopic spores that spread easily and can weaken plants and reduce their fruit production, the exact opposite of what you want happening in your garden. There are many species of fungi that cause powdery mildew infections, and most are specific to one type of plant. 
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