Shrub Head Mushroom® Bubblers with Flow Control
Shrub Head Mushroom® Bubblers with Flow Control

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Shrub Head Mushroom® Bubblers with Flow Control

  • For deep-root watering of trees, shrubs, perennials, or annuals
  • Gentle mushroom-shape spray extends up to 1 ft. around the bubbler head
  • Flow control allows adjustment to a wide range of water application rates
  • 1/2-in. FPT inlet is compatible with 1/2-in. MPT PVC and adjustable risers
  • Control with a B-hyve smart controller for optimum water conservation
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The mushroom or “flood” bubbler is an ideal sprinkler for watering flowerbeds, gardens, and trees which have a basin to hold water as it infiltrates into the soil. The pattern is a mushroom shape that extends up to 1 ft. at typical operating pressure of 30 PSI. You can decrease the spray radius, or even shut it all the way off, by rotating the bubbler head clockwise. A filter helps keep the outlet from clogging. The bubbler has 1/2-in. female pipe threads (FPT) and the typical method of installation is to place it on top of a 1/2-in. male pipe thread (MPT) PVC riser. Recommended operating pressure is 30 PSI. For outdoor irrigation use with cold water only.