Shrub Head Sprinkler Adapters without Nozzles
Shrub Head Sprinkler Adapters without Nozzles
Shrub Head Sprinkler Adapters without Nozzles
Shrub Head Sprinkler Adapters without Nozzles

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Shrub Head Sprinkler Adapters without Nozzles

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  • Riser adapter only – purchase female spray or rotator nozzles separately
  • Non-pressure-regulating, check local code for restrictions (pressure-regulating model is Orbit SKU 54558)
  • For positioning a spray or rotator nozzle above surrounding shrubs or flowers
  • Durable plastic construction stands up to the elements and ensures long life
  • 1/2-in. FPT inlet threads fit a rigid PVC or aluminum adjustable riser
  • Compatible with female spray or rotator nozzles from Orbit, Hydro-Rain, and other major brands
  • Control with a B-hyve smart controller for optimum water conservation
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The shrub spray head is an ideal solution for applications which require the spray nozzle to be above surrounding shrubs or flowers. The shrub adapter is the component that provides the base on which you mount a fixed or adjustable pattern spray or rotator nozzle. The inlet threads are 1/2-in. female pipe thread (FPT) and the outlet threads are compatible with spray nozzles with female threads.

The most common method of installation is on top of a 1/2-in. male pipe thread (MPT) rigid PVC riser. As plants grow you can extend the shrub spray head above the plants via addition of a PVC Coupling and another riser. The adapter is available in non-pressure-regulating, as well as pressure-regulating versions which have the advantage of higher efficiency. For optimum performance, all adapters on the zone should be the same version.  Recommended operating pressure is 30 PSI. For outdoor irrigation use with cold water only. 

Spray sprinkler bodies without pressure regulation cannot legally be sold to customers in certain states of the USA. These states are California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.