PVC Pipe Saddle Tees
PVC Pipe Saddle Tees

Part #: 37121

PVC Pipe Saddle Tees

  • For adding a 1/2-in. MPT outlet to 3/4-in. or 1-in. PVC pipe without cutting
  • Constructed from PVC, an O-ring, and stainless-steel screws to create seal
  • Outlet allows you to install a sprinkler riser, drip riser, or swing pipe fitting
  • For non-constant pressure outdoor irrigation use with cold water only
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The PVC pipe saddle tee is engineered as a simple way to add a 1/2-in. male pipe thread (MPT) outlet to 3/4-in. or 1-in. PVC pipe. It eliminates the challenge of having to cut the pipe and add a traditional PVC tee. The saddle tee body is constructed from PVC, an O-ring, and stainless steel screws. The top section of the saddle tee has a 1/2-in. MPT outlet. 

Installation is as simple as placing the top and bottom parts of the saddle tee parts on the pipe, tightening the screws, drilling a hole in the pipe (being careful not to drill into the bottom wall, and cleaning out any debris. The O-ring will form a watertight seal against the PVC pipe. You can then thread a 1/2-in. sprinkler riser or swing pipe fitting into the top of the saddle tee. For non-constant pressure outdoor irrigation use with cold water only.