Two inch professional hard top pressure-regulating pop-up spray head sprinkler with nozzle that meets water sense EPA criteria.
Four inch professional hard top pressure regulating sprinkler with fifteen foot adjustable spray nozzle.
Four inch hard top sprinkler featuring a  fifteen foot adjustable spray nozzle on extended riser stem.
Top view of a professional hard top pressure regulating sprinkler with fifteen foot adjustable spray nozzle.
Adjustable 15 foot nozzle.
Extended riser stem on a professional hard top pop-up spray head sprinkler with adjustable nozzle.
Top view of a professional hard top pop-up sprinkler head.
Spray body inlet showing standard half-inch female pipe threads.

Part #: 80307

Professional Hard Top Pressure-Regulating Pop-Up Spray Head Sprinkler with Nozzle

  • For watering areas with up to 15 ft. of spacing between sprinkler heads
  • Professional-grade pop-up spray body in 2- and 4-in. riser stem heights
  • Durable metal cap helps protect spray head from power equipment damage
  • Pressure regulator is factory set to 30 PSI and is adjustable to 40 PSI for sprays and rotators (maximum pressure is 70 PSI)
  • Over-molded structural support in wiper seal for highly reliable seal and retraction
  • Gravity-activated silt trap in bottom gives superior performance with dirty water
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel riser spring for years of reliable operation
  • Ratcheting riser stem allows fine-tuning of spray direction after installation
  • Adjustable pattern spray nozzle provides good uniformity in a 0-to-360-degree arc
  • Includes a filter to help keep nozzle clog-free and a radius adjustment screw
  • Compatible with Orbit, Hydro-Rain, Rain Bird, Hunter, and other major brands
  • Control with a B-hyve smart controller for optimum water conservation
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The professional series spray head is the premium offering in Orbit’s lineup. This version features a highly innovative pressure regulator which you can adjust from the bottom of the can before installation, or from the top of the can after installation, to 30 or 40 PSI. 30 PSI is recommended for spray nozzles while 40 PSI is recommended for multi-stream rotator nozzles. It is available in 2- and 4-in. riser stem heights and is ideal for a broad range of landscape types.

It has a durable metal cap which protects the spray head from power equipment damage, making it ideal for placement along sidewalks and driveways. The wiper seal features an over-molded structural support that ensures long-term, smooth retraction and prevents water from blowing by the riser stem. The riser spring which creates the pop-up action is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for years of reliable operation. A ratchet mechanism in the riser stem allows you to adjust the direction of the spray after installation. The bottom of the can has an integral silt trap. The spray body inlet has standard 1/2-in. female pipe threads (FPT) which connect to Blu-Lock and Riser-Flex fittings, as well as 1/2 -in. Schedule 80 PVC and cut-off risers.

The adjustable pattern spray nozzle is engineered to deliver uniform droplet sizes across a 0-to-360-degree arc. It includes a filter and adjustment screw which allows you to reduce the spray pattern down to 75 percent of its rated distance. Its low-angle trajectory helps improve efficiency by minimizing wind drift. For outdoor irrigation use with cold water only.