56385 - Fire Hose Nozzle

Part #: 56385

Fire Hose Nozzle

The Orbit Fire Hose Nozzle offers you the reliability of a trusted nozzle design used for generations, with modern design improvements. This nozzle is a go-to choice by many due to the powerful water output it delivers, as well as the easy-twist water adjustment. This nozzle provides spray options that range from a tight, forceful stream to power away dirt and debris, to a wide spray, perfect for tackling larger areas. With no annoying handle to break, and an uncrushable design made from the strongest metals, this nozzle will last a lifetime! The nozzle is coated with a rubber finish which protects your hands from a hot nozzle sitting in the sun, while also providing a comfortable grip.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPRAY: Twist the nozzle to adjust the spray, providing you with the perfect flow for watering plants, washing your car, or cleaning the siding.
  • UNCRUSHABLE DESIGN: High-grade construction ensure a nozzle that will last a lifetime.
  • RUBBER-COATED FINISH: Protection from extreme temperatures while providing a comfortable grip
  • MEDIUM GRIP: Medium-sized nozzle ideal for all users.
  • STANDARD CONNECTION: Attaches to a standard 3/4-inch outdoor garden hose.
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