Drip Tubing Anchor Stakes
Drip Tubing Anchor Stakes
Drip Tubing Anchor Stakes

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Drip Tubing Anchor Stakes

  • For securely anchoring 1/4-in. or 1/2-in. tubing in a garden or flowerbed
  • Durable anchor stake has a loop or Y-channel which secures the tubing
  • Corrosion-resistant material penetrates the soil and holds tubing firmly in place
  • Compatible with drip tubing from Orbit, Hydro-Rain, and other major brands
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Drip tubing anchor stakes are engineered to securely hold 1/4-in. or 1/2-in. tubing in place. There are three versions which serve the same function. The Y-anchor stake is specifically for 1/4-in. tubing and is ideal for positioning dripper/emitters. The C-anchor stake is a purpose-built plastic anchor stake that has a loop which secures both 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. tubing with barbs on the stake itself that anchor it firmly in the soil. The loop anchor stakes/staples come in 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. versions and are very similar to traditional landscape fabric stakes. They work best for firmer soils which provide some grip on the wire. While the C-anchor stake provides a more secure hold in a wider variety of soils, the wire loop anchor stakes provide the dual benefit of holding drip tubing and landscape fabric in place. Each of the anchor stakes is reusable and provides years of reliable service. Drip tubing straps (sold separately) are an excellent way to anchor 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. tubing to walls, railings, and other surfaces.