Automatic Converter Valve
Automatic Converter Valve
Automatic Converter Valve
Automatic Converter Valve

Part #: 57034

Automatic Converter Valve

The automatic converter valve allows you to transform an existing manual valve into a fully automatic valve. The converter valve fits the threads in most makes of manual valves, including manual anti-siphon valves. Brass threads ensure reliable installation and high durability. The valve features a 24 VAC solenoid, manual actuation lever, bleed screw, and flow control. In cases where there is no existing sprinkler wire running to the valve, the battery-powered controller provides a simple way to power up to four valves in a single location. The automatic converter valve is compatible with all major brands of 24 VAC irrigation controllers. We recommend B-hyve controllers for optimum water conservation and PVC-Lock fittings for fast, glue-free installation. For outdoor irrigation use with cold water only.
  • For converting a manual irrigation valve into an automatic irrigation valve
  • Valve features 24 VAC solenoid, manual actuation lever, and flow control
  • Brass threads with valve bodies available in both PVC and brass versions
  • Compatible with controllers from Orbit, Hydro-Rain, and other major brands
  • Control with a B-hyve smart controller for optimum water conservation
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