7-Pattern Metal Thumb Control Hose Nozzle with Swivel
7-Pattern Metal Thumb Control Hose Nozzle with Swivel
7-Pattern Metal Thumb Control Hose Nozzle with Swivel

Part #: 26143

7-Pattern Metal Thumb Control Hose Nozzle with Swivel

  • GARDENING-FOCUSED SPRAY PATTERNS: Each of the 7 spray patterns were designed specifically for gardening and landscaping tasks; from gentle rain-like sprays to precise center sprays, choose the perfect pattern for your delicate flowers, vegetables, and seedlings.
  • 7-SPRAY PATTERNS: Multiple spray patterns are available for a variety of watering needs. Choose from Mist, Shower, Cone, Center, Flood, Bucket Fill, or Jet. Whether you're watering plants, filling buckets quickly, or performing cleaning tasks, this nozzle provides versatile functionality.
  • THUMB CONTROL: Swiftly adjust to the right amount of water for each task by controlling the flow of water moving through your nozzle without you having to go back to the faucet.
  • SWIVEL ATTACHMENT: Minimizes hose kinks and enhance your mobility while using the built-in swivel attachment on the nozzle; enjoy seamless maneuverability around your garden as you water every plant with ease.
  • DURABLE ZINC CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with high-quality zinc materials, this nozzle ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable tool for multiple gardening seasons. The non-corrosive metal body is protected by a rubberized, non-slip grip that is comfortable in your hands and helps the nozzle resists normal wear and tear.
  • EASY-TO-USE DIAL: A soft-touch dial makes it easy to select and change spray patterns and guards against damage when accidentally dropped. 
  • STANDARD CONNECTION: Attaches to all standard outdoor garden hoses.


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The Orbit 7-Pattern Zinc Thumb Control Nozzle with Swivel features watering sprays created specifically for the Gardener and their care of delicate flowers, landscaping, vegetables and seedlings. The 7-Spray Patterns will allow you to water plants with gentle rain-like sprays, fill buckets quickly, and clean up easily all with one nozzle. With an adjustment of the smooth and easy to use thumb control you can modify water pressure for just the right flow of water needed without going back to the faucet. Designed with your comfort and long-lasting durability in mind, you will enjoy using this nozzle for years to come.