Total control
from wherever you are

You're smart, your yard should be too

Control your yard from anywhere

B-hyve® frees you to control your timer from anywhere with a cell or internet connection. Whether you’re in the comfort of your bed, at work, or half way around the world, you can monitor and control your sprinklers as if you were right next to the timer.

The B-hyve® smartphone app guides you through an easy setup to start watering in minutes. Edit your watering programs with just a tap. Don't want to set up your own schedule? B-hyve® can create dynamic watering schedules based on local weather data, so you don't have to be an irrigation expert.

Automatic rain delays keep you from watering in the rain

B-hyve® checks the weather forecast so you don't have to. Never water in the rain again.

WeatherSense® Technology has helped B-hyve users save over 100 BILLION gallons of water

Smart WeatherSense® receives local weather data and automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. It does the work – allowing you to sit back and enjoy the results. All B-hyve® WeatherSense® products are also EPA WaterSense Certified.

Make your sprinklers the smartest thing in your yard

B-hyve® controllers allow you to water smart by helping you make watering decisions based on local weather data and the unique ecological needs of your yard.

B-hyve® takes into account local rainfall, wind, cloud cover, freezing temperatures and more to determine how the weather is affecting your yard's water usage. The smart programs also use information about your yard such as soil type, grass and plant types, and even the slope of the ground to calculate the perfect amount of irrigation for your needs. Enter the info once and B-hyve® does all the rest.

Ready to join our over 1 million connected households? Here's what our users have to say about B-hyve®


Waters based on forecast - setup in minutes. Setup was quick and easy. Operation is automatic. What could be better!

Bill H.

Indoor/Outdoor Controller


Easy install, easy set up, plenty of watering options. Love the Smart Water option. Best unit out there.

Stephen L.

Indoor/Outdoor Controller


Set it and forget it. The best part about this thing is that you don’t have to worry about turning your sprinkler system off when it rains or unexpected weather screwing up your watering plants. It automatically adjusts and you just set it and forget it.

Aaron M.

XR Controller


Easy set up though the app and many useful features. Installing it took only 15 minutes and that included removing the old one.

Charles M.

Indoor/Outdoor Controller


Got this last year (16 zone). Easy setup and programming. Zero issues all of last year. Made turning on sprinklers this year so much easier including replacing sprinkler head. Didn’t realize how many back and forth trips to the garage I had been doing. Wish I had upgraded years ago.


XR Controller

Check out the full B-hyve® lineup

B-hyve® helps save water with in-ground sprinkler system controllers, hose tap timers, and even leak detectors for inside your home. B-hyve® controllers are eligible for smart watering rebates from many local municipalities, check our Rebate Center to see if you're eligible for any.