4th Of July Has Never Been So Cool

Get a mist system from Orbit to stay cool outside even as the temperatures climb.
cobra mist stand on grass

Lower the ambient temperature up to 20° F without the use of expensive electricity. Orbit mist systems attach to a standard garden hose and brings portable cooling anywhere in your yard.

Lower By 20°F

Evaporative cooling can lower the ambient temperature by up to 20 degrees farenhiet. Making the hottest days feel great!

Big Savings

Each mist nozzle uses less than .5 gallons per hour to cool up to 20 square feet, making it the most efficient outdoor cooling possible.

Portable Cooling

Take the portable mist system anywhere you can stretch a garden hose. No plugs or electricity needed. It easily clips onto an awning or patio umbrella.

Dog on leash sitting on steps

Keep Your Best Friends Cool

Mist systems are perfect for the furry members of our family who want to be everywhere you are. Let your pets play outdoors while keeping cool.

With each nozzle using less than 1 gallon of water per hour while covering up to 20 square feet, evaporative mist cooling is an efficient, inexpensive way to to enjoy the outdoors, even when the temperatures climb.

Discover More Mist

We’ve got mist systems for all your needs. Find portable solutions and permanent solutions that can expand the cooling mist power to your entire yard. So whether you’re having an intimate dinner with a few close friends a full-blow bash, everyone will be saying how comfortable your back yard is.