B-hyve gen two Wi-Fi hub.
Side angle of a B-hyve gen two Wi-Fi hub showing the two prong wall plug.

Part #: 21027

B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub

  • ENHANCES B-HYVE DEVICES: The Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub is specifically designed to enhance the performance of our newest water management devices, including B-hyve Hose Watering Timers and the B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor leak detection system; enabling instant notifications, and remote control from anywhere using your smart device.
  • ENABLE SMART WATERING: WeatherSense technology needs a Wi-Fi connection to provide watering schedules based on live weather feeds and historical data. 
  • CONTROL YOUR DEVICES FROM ANYWHERE: Thanks to the B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub, you can now take control of your water management devices from anywhere in the world, and with a simple Wi-Fi connection, you can remotely access and manage your B-hyve devices using your smart device, providing added convenience and peace of mind.
  • MULTIPLE DEVICE CONTROL: Only one hub is needed to control multiple B-hyve devices within 150 ft. Controlling multiple B-hyve devices has never been easier; plus, you only need one hub to control them all, which saves you money and simplifies your setup. 
  • INCLUDES WALL ADAPTER: This Wi-Fi hub comes with a wall adapter for easy installation, input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.2A Output 5V-1.0A. 
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with these B-hyve devices; Model Numbers 24511, 24516, 24632, 24537, 24634, 24539, 54539, 71000, 71003, 71005, 90205, 90204, 90205Z, 90204Z, 21205, and 21204. Same as 21008
  • REQUIREMENTS: Wi-Fi connection. Indoor use only


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The Orbit B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub is a USB Wi-Fi bridge for use with other B-hyve devices, it will enable Smart Wi-Fi features inherent in B-hyve Bluetooth products. This Wi-Fi Hub is part of the B-hyve Smart water management device ecosystem which includes smart landscape controllers, hose faucet timers, flow meters, leak detectors.

Our B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub features the latest chipsets and advanced capabilities, providing a next-generation water management experience for both indoor and outdoor B-hyve Systems. Smart Wi-Fi features include controlling irrigation from anywhere with your smart device, weather-based watering updates, instant notifications & more.