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When it comes to underground irrigation products, Orbit Irrigation is recognized as the leader in the Do-It-Yourself industry. Customers look for the "Orbit" name.

Category: Sprinkler Systems

Apr 04

PVC vs Poly: Which is Right for You?

If you’re a homeowner getting ready to put in a new sprinkler system, or just making some changes, you’ve probably noticed the many options that can be confusing. One of the first you might encounter is what pipe to use for your system, the two main options being PVC and Poly-pipe.  This post seeks to clear up some of the confusion so you can make the right choice for you.


PVC (abbreviated for ‘polyvinyl chloride’) is a rigid, non-flexible piping. Irrigation piping is usually white in color (grey is for electrical, … Read More

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Mar 10

The Key to Get Grass as Green as a Golf Course

Want to avoid brown spots on your lawn? Head-to-head spacing is vital to getting an even amount of water and without over-watering in the process. But you have to make sure you have proper spacing? Below are a few tips to get spacing just right.

As the name implies, head-to-head means the spray from each sprinkler head overlaps the spray from the sprinkler head beside and across from it. If the spray is not overlapping this is called using a “stand alone” method and you will probably see those brown doughnuts … Read More

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Mar 05

3 Tips for Hassle Free Valve Boxes

Valves are the heart of your underground sprinkler system. They control what zones are on and off, when and how much water passes through. And valves live in a harsh environment. Hot & cold, condensation and humidity.


Eventually, almost every valve box needs some repair. It could be as small as a new solenoid or diaphragm or replacing the whole valve altogether. And there’s nothing more frustrating then having to get to valves that are awkwardly placed or difficult to work on. So here are three tips for anyone planning … Read More

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Mar 01

Designing your Sprinkler System? 5 key steps before you start.

When designing your own sprinkler system, it’s hard to know where to start. But we’re here to help. Below are five critical pieces of information to gather about your system to get you started and on the right track. Once you have these you’ll be ready to start designing on your own, with the Orbit Sprinkler System Designer creating your custom plan is simple and FREE!

1. Know your Water Source:

Before getting started on your design, it’s important to know where you’ll be getting your water from. Is it municipality (such … Read More

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Mar 19

Quick Fixes with Orbit PVC-Lock

PVC-Lock isn’t just great for installing an underground sprinkler system, it’s also the perfect weapon for the inevitable repair.  Come springtime, many home owners will see a broken pipe or two.  Maybe the system wasn’t blown out properly or extra water got in there somewhere and froze, bursting the pipe.  Repairing these types of breaks used to be a muddy mess, lots of digging, waiting for the mess to dry before you could repair with toxic glue and primer.  With PVC-Lock you can now have these repairs done literally in … Read More

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Mar 12

Design Your Sprinkler System to Shine

As we approach the spring season, many homeowners are already thinking of sprinkler systems.  If you’re someone who’s just moved into a new home and needs to put in an underground sprinkler system, or if you’re someone that just has repairs to make, Orbit’s free Online Sprinkler System Designer is the perfect tool to help you get started.

We get a lot of calls every spring from customers using our tool.  While customers are very satisfied, we have some tips and suggestions that will make the experience even better!

One recommendation—and this … Read More

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Jul 15

Become A Sprinkler Nozzle Expert

So it’s July, for many the hottest month of the year, and you’ve got a broken spray nozzle.  You go into the local hardware store to get a new one and you’re greeted with dozens of options.    We understand that all these choices can be confusing, so let’s run down the different types of nozzles you’re likely to see and make you a nozzle expert!

There are really three things you need to know when going in to purchase a new spray nozzle: 1) spray distance, 2) pattern and 3) threading.  … Read More

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Jun 20

Orbit Sprinkler System in Parade of Homes

Orbit has sponsored the sprinkler system, landscape lighting, and temperature control (thermostats) of a home in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

Remember back on May 21 of this year, we added a post about a hands-on installation that our team performed?? Well, this is it. The sprinkler system went in with ease (thanks to PVC-Lock and Eco-Lock), the landscape lighting is beautiful, and the thermostat isn’t just a box that controls temperature, it’s masterpiece in style and function.

The house is ready for touring.  The yard is landscaped with sod and beautiful … Read More

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Jun 18

Adventures in Lawn Maintenance

This last weekend, my family and I visited our beautiful lakeside cabin to do a little maintenance and get some R&R.  Because the cabin is located in mountainous valley of higher elevation, summer tends to break a bit later there.  Even in mid-June we were still getting night-time temperatures in the high 40’s and the days were in the low 70’s.  So while this may not translate perfectly into what much of the rest of the country is experiencing, we still did have to do some lawn maintenance and thought … Read More

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Jun 10

10 Orbit Products You Didn’t Know You Wanted

We’re constantly getting ideas for new products.  Each comes from a specific problem a customer is having and, when we can’t solve with our existing product line, we go to the drawing board.  Here are ten Orbit products you didn’t know you wanted.


The Orbit Emergency Tool is smart to have around in case of a earthquake, fire, water main break or other natural disasters.  When precious seconds count, you want a tool that will stand out, day or night.  This tool is made in high visibility yellow plastic that is … Read More

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