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Orbit Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

You’ve created the lawn of your dreams; now protect it with the Orbit Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler.  Our motion activated sprinkler is the most humane wildlife deterrent on the market and can be safely used even if your unwelcome guest is a protected species. On and Off modes easily deactivate it when you are working in your yard. A loud burst of sound followed by a spray of water will startle but not harm wildlife and is a safe method to shoo them away. (Needs 4 AA batteries not included)
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Top reasons to choose the Garden Enforcer Motion Sensor Sprinkler

Multiple Times of Day Options

Most critters are active at dawn/dusk and overnight; setting controls give you the option to have the motion detector sprinkler activate during the day, at night, or 24 hours a day for full-time protection from uninvited visitors. It can also be manually turned on and off.

Saves Water

The Garden Enforcer uses as little as two cups of water with each spray and the duration of the spray is adjustable. You can also enable a regular watering cycle and use the Garden Enforcer as a normal sprinkler when your yard or garden needs a drink.

More Accurate

The second generation lens offers more precise detection over a wider field of view with a more uniform 120 degree viewing angle to keep pests out of your yard or garden.

40' Observation Range

The infrared sensor can detect objects up to 40 feet away providing plenty of coverage for your yard and garden. The range is also adjustable if you want to be more precise with the area that you are protecting. The tripod height can also be adjusted based on the size of your pests.

120 Degree Field of View

The Garden Enforcer has a 120 degree field of view to ensure that it can see pests approaching from many different angles with its infrared lens.

35' Spray Distance

The impact sprinkler has a 35' spray distance and makes a distinct noise as it activates to scare away pests with a combination of water noise and motion.

What You'll Need

Garden hose

Faucet water connection

4 AA batteries

Critters to be deterred

Technical Specifications

Connection ¾-inch inlet Standard hose thread
Operating Pressure 10-100 PSI
Modes On
UV Resistant Yes
Passthrough Ports No
Spray Duration adjustable
Sensor Viewing Range 120 Degrees
40 feet
Sprinkler Coverage Up to 1600 square feet
Manual Watering Yes. 30 minutes
Cycles Up to 7500 per set of batteries
Warranty 2 Years
Material Plastic
Batteries 4 AA (not included)
⚠WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead or DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to