B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller
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Part #: 57915

B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller

The B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller and timer for underground sprinkler systems are designed to mount inside your home and control your system from a smartphone. Shuts off in the rain, increases water when it’s hot, and decreases water in colder weather.


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Top reasons to choose B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller

Connect Anywhere With Smartphone

Whether you use your B-hyve® smartphone app or the console, create a program that will be the most beneficial to your lawn’s specific needs. Set up timers, zones, and make adjustments to your smart sprinkler controller with the push of a button.

Adjusts to Weather

WeatherSense® technology uses your smart sprinkler controller’s wifi to stay on top of the weather in order to make adjustments. Rain in the forecast? The B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller ensures that your sprinklers never come on while it’s raining and adjusts your watering schedule to prevent over-saturation. Droughts won’t sneak up on you, ruining your grass and landscaping; the smart sprinkler controller gives more water when needed.

Detailed Scheduling with Free App

Set when you’d like your smart sprinkler controller to start watering. Grass and plant watering needs are not one size fits all; B-hyve® lets you customize schedules for different zones within your property. Your lawn does not have to suffer during water shortages; set the B-hyve®’s schedule to water your yard on specific days of the week or month and at the time of your choosing or let the app manage the watering cycles based on the science of weather and plant needs.

Connect Anywhere With Smart Devices

Each B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller connects easily to wifi and is controlled with an intuitive free app for iPhone and Android; make changes to your settings and turn on or shut off your sprinklers even when you are not home. The app alerts you if there are changes in the forecast and then automatically adjusts the watering schedule on your smart sprinkler controller.

Smart Home Ready

Control your B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller with Amazon Alexa® or the Google Assistant® to easily water a specific zone with your voice. B-hyve® devices also communicate with each other and with select partner devices creating a smart water system inside your home and yard.


Smart WeatherSense® receives local weather data and automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. It does the work - allowing you to sit back and enjoy the results. All B-hyve® WeatherSense® products are also EPA WaterSense Certified.

Sprinklers scheduled to run

B-hyve detects rain in the forecast

B-hyve delays watering automatically

B-hyve® Smart Indoor Irrigation Controllers give you the control you need to have a great yard with the push of a button. Download the free B-hyve® app on Android or iOS to program watering schedules with ease. Making changes and turning on your sprinklers has never been easier. Both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, the smart sprinkler control makes automatic adjustments to how often and how much to water based on your local weather. When you receive rain your B-hyve® controller will stop watering and reschedule for when skies are clear.

Download the Free B-hyve App

What You'll Need

An underground sprinkler system.

AC outlet

Wi-Fi and internet connection

A smartphone, iOS, or Android

Technical Specifications

App Compatibility iOS - iPhone
and iPod Touch Running iOS 13.5 and higher. Android - Android Version 5.0 and higher.
Smart Home Compatibility Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Power Requirements 120V AC/60Hz Input 24V AC Output
Power Cord Length 5 ft. UL 1951 Approved
Bluetooth 4.2
Wifi Bandwidth 2.4Ghz
Sensor Compatibility Supports Most Rain/Freeze Sensor
Master Valve / Pump Relay Compatibility Yes
Warranty 2 Years
EPA/WaterSense Approval Yes
Mounting Hardware Included
Mounting Location Indoor Only
Size 1.12"D x 5.25"W x 5.25"H
Zones 4 or 8