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Leaf Scoop Container Bundle


Everything that you need to make fall cleanup a breeze. Get leaf scoops with a collapsible container that makes cleaning up leaves fun for the whole family.

Bundle Includes

Bloom Leaf Scoops

Bloom Leaf Scoops make quick work of leaf pick-up! Turn your hands into large leaf raking machines with these handheld leaf scoops by Bloom. Each scoop (comes with 2) is made of sturdy, weather-proof plastic and features 14” of serrated teeth to pierce and collect leaves with ease. Raking does not need to take all day and it can be fun; rake up the leaves either with a rake or a leaf blower and then pick them up using the leaf scoops and place into garden bags for disposal. Enjoy your lawn even as the leaves fall by effortlessly picking up foliage with Bloom Leaf Scoops. The handheld leaf scoops come as a set of 2 in three colors: violet, green, and teal.

$12.99 $11.69 each

In stock

Bloom Large All-Purpose Collapsible Container

Cleanup is a breeze with the Bloom 32 Gallon All-Purpose Collapsible Container. Unlike paper or plastic landscaping bags which can tear and are not reusable; Bloom’s sturdy polyester garden bags are ready to go when you are time after time!

$24.99 $22.49 each

In stock

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