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Bloom Adjustable Bulb Planter


Bulb planting season is upon us and what better way to prep your garden for an exciting spring bloom and harvest than with the Bloom Adjustable Bulb Planter. With this handheld bulb planter tool, you can effortlessly plant any kind of bulb from onions to tulips and beyond. Gradation marks on its exterior allow you to bury bulbs into the ground with uniformity and precision. Every plant bulb requires a different planting depth; take out the guesswork with Bloom! Stainless steel construction with serrated edges make fast work of transplanting bulbs even in tough soil. A quick-release squeeze of the top handle drops the bulb and soil into place, keeping your hands clean and your garden happy. The Bloom Adjustable Bulb Planter comes in three colors: violet, green, and teal.

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