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Purchase a B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer and we'll throw in a salsa, cocktail or tranquility garden starter kit (while supplies last).

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Let’s grow beautiful things, together.

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We’ve picked some of our favorite products that will help your personal garden thrive.

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As your toolkit grows, so will your garden

Buy a B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer and get a FREE patch of green

What is included:
6 packages of heirloom seeds
Starter soil
Wooden plant ID stakes
Growing instructions
100% recycled fiber egg carton
planter .

Choose your free Personal Garden in the cart

Grow Salsa

Pick your peppers and pack your homemade salsa with fresh heat. The perfect summer snack.

Included seeds:
Hot Banana

Grow Tranquility

The perfect combination of herbs and flowers to reduce stress, induce better sleep and promote an overall feeling of tranquility.

Included seeds:
Chamomile (calming)
Holy basil (reduces stress)
Lavender (relaxing sleep)
Peppermint (cooling & energizing)
Wild Bergamot (soothing)
Sage (memory & focus)

Grow Cocktails

Pick the ingredients for fresh, fun, summertime cocktails right from your own patch of green.

Included seeds:
Thai Basil
Lemon Balm
Blue Borage

A personal garden is
a connection to nature.

A patch of green…

…is nature at her best. At Orbit, we believe everyone should have their own patch of green or blue, or red, or yellow or all of them together.

Nature restores us, strengthens our immune system and offers a chance to grow something beautiful, together.

A place to grow food, grow peace, grow focus.

Your patch of green is personal.

What it means, it means most to you. We know the power of nature and we’re dedicated to giving you the tools and resources to enhance and cultivate you and your family’s patch of green. .

We are excited to help you
discover what a patch of green will inspire in you.

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