Everyone Deserves Clean, Running Water

44 million Americans don't have safe, drinkable water.

2.2 million Americans don't have running water or basic plumbing, and another 44 million don't have clean water to drink. At Orbit, we believe everyone deserves access to clean, running water. That's why this month, we're giving to DigDeep, a human rights nonprofit serving those without access to clean, running water in the US.

DigDeep runs community-led projects to help those most affected by the clean water gap – including Navajo in NM, UT, and AZ, and Appalachians in KY and WV. Plus, they're great at what they do – it takes them just 24 hours to bring clean, running water to a Navajo family. To learn more about DigDeep and their nationwide projects, visit DigDeep.org

While millions go without access to running water, household leaks account for 1 TRILLION gallons of wasted water in the US each year. That's a huge amount of fresh, clean water going down the drain – or, more likely, dripping behind your toilet and causing damage to your home. B-hyve Flood Sensors detect leaks and minor flooding in your home, helping you conserve water and protect your home.

For the entire month of September, we're donating $5 to DigDeep for every pack of B-hyve Smart Flood Sensors purchased here on the Orbit Store (up to $30,000).

Help us change the way the world waters.

Flood Sensors In Action

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