Get More Drip Savings with the Right Nozzle

So you’ve decided to install drip to conserve more water.  But where do you go from there?  If you’re browsing Orbit’s selection of drip products, you see there are dozens of options and it can quickly get confusing.  But picking the right sprinklers doesn’t have to be difficult.

Depending on the area you want to water, you’ll likely be picking between micro-spray, bubblers or drippers.

67137_Action2Micro-spray sprinklers act just like mini spray head sprinklers, only with a smaller, gentler stream.  They come in full, half, and quarter parterns, as well as strip patters.  They are great for grow boxes that have tightly packed plants.

Micro bubblers and emitters are great for pots and flower beds where they plants are more spread out.  You can provide a full stream of water, adjusting its radius as needed, without spraying water to areas that don’t need it. 67110_Action2

Drippers are the laser focus of drip irrigation.  They provide a specific amount of water—measured in gallons per hour (GPM)—to one spot.  These are great when you have plants that start out small and need space to grow, such as tomatoes.  But they work great with shrubs, vines and trees.  Just make sure you pick the right dripper to meet your needs.

66190_ActionAnother great option, especially for hanging plants and greenhouses, are the mister fittings.  These have flexible tubing that can be angled whatever way you need and give the gentlest of watering.