Smart Water Management During a Drought

Cracked dry ground.

With extreme drought conditions causing desolation in many Western states, smart water management has become imperative. Rather than ripping out your lawn and garden, you can preserve your green spaces while conserving water.

The simplest step a homeowner can take in times of water scarcity is to purchase a B-hyve Smart Water Management Device – a purchase that is typically rebate-eligible (click here to see what rebates are available in your zip code) B-hyve timers allow you to input your drought level, and then automatically adjust to operate within watering restrictions.

Not sure what your drought level is? Visit to find your restrictions by county!

According to, "In the United States, droughts are among the most financially burdensome of all weather-related disasters. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the single largest U.S. weather-related disaster was the drought of 1988, which resulted in over $40 billion in damages throughout the central and northeastern portions of the country. Unlike impacts from other weather-related disasters, the financial impact of a major drought impacts are not always immediate. Failed crops can impact food prices well into the future. Devastated domestic livestock and wildlife herds can also take many years to recover."

With 70% of all freshwater consumption being used to grow things around the world, smart water management is more critical than ever, and many states are considering requiring the installation of smart water devices on households.

Through B-hyve, our Smart Water Management family of products, Orbit has helped to reduce water overuse and misuse to the tune of billions of gallons of conserved water. Inside every B-hyve timer is a brilliant collection of algorithms that produce watering schedules designed to deliver the exact amount of water to the places that need it. More than ever, B-hyve isn’t just a product that makes your life more convenient. It’s a product that changes the way the world waters.

Many water management agencies have simplified and/or increased the size of the rebate they offer when you purchase a B-hyve Smart Water Management Device. At the Orbit Store, we make it easy to find and apply for your rebate – in many cases you’ll end up with ZERO dollars out of pocket. Click here to see what products are rebate-eligible in your zip code.