8 Tips for Better Entertaining Outdoors

8 Tips for Better Entertaining Outdoors

These days, most of us are living life outdoors as much as we possibly can. And when it comes to entertaining, it’s all about making your yard and garden into comfortable places where you enjoy time with family and friends. Here is a wealth of ways to make outdoor socializing fun, festive, and safe.

Get Creative with Lighting

There’s nothing like fairy lights to turn the most ordinary backyard into a magical landscape. Drape trees, fences, and gazebos in strings of colored lights hang decorative solar globe lights from trees, and line paths with glowing torches. For an extra fun touch, put remote-controlled flameless candles inside decorative metal lanterns, then “light” them all at once with the press of a button.

Think Outdoor Rooms

Turn your deck or patio into a den with couches, armchairs, and outdoor rugs and you might find no one ever wants to come inside. Speaking of which, no need to escape to air conditioning when you have Orbit’s Flex Cobra Personal Mist Cooling Sprayer to keep everyone cool. And it’s fun for the kids to play in, too. 

Bank on Buffets

For alfresco dining, dish up farmhouse-style from a long table set up so that guests can serve themselves while maintaining distance. (Make sure each dish has a serving spoon that is used only for filling individual plates.) Consider setting up blankets on the lawn for picnic-style dining or several small cafe tables so that family groups can sit together yet apart.  

Keep Things Cozy

Just because temperatures drop doesn’t mean you have to abandon the outdoors. Stock up on soft throw blankets that you can pass out to guests at the first hint of evening chill. (Choose easy-care fabric and launder after each use.) Heat lamps go a step further - just make sure you choose a heater that can warm a large area so that people don’t have to crowd in.

Make Your Lawn a Playground

These days backyards are doing double duty as playgrounds and sports fields, so it pays to keep your lawn greener with a customized sprinkler schedule thanks to the B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller. And make sure you have lots of fun gear on hand like soccer balls, badminton, and croquet to keep everyone busy. 

Banish the Bugs

Keep mosquitos and other pesky intruders from crashing the party by having plenty of bug-banishing solutions at hand. Effective options include mosquito coils and smoke sticks, citronella candles, and zapper lanterns. Even better, plant marigolds, which are the nemesis of flying insects, and give them a good soak every few days with the help of the B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer.

Gather Around the Campfire

Nothing brings people together like the flickering light of a fire, so it’s no surprise that fire pits are having a moment. Another popular option is the Mexican outdoor fireplace called a chiminea, typically made from terra cotta clay. Either way, stock up on marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate since s’mores will be in demand. 

Turn Your Yard into a Drive-In

Set up a screen and projector —- or even just a laptop and oversize monitor —- and you’ve got everything you need to premiere the latest summer blockbuster. You can even go for the true drive-in experience by hanging a white bed sheet from a fence or curtain rod to make a full-size screen. To complete the cinematic experience, make the menu burgers and root-beer floats —- and don’t forget the popcorn!