Changing the way the world waters.

Watering genius.

The B-hyve ecosystem

B-hyve is an ecosystem of smart technology products from Orbit—the leading retail watering brand in the US.

B-hyve products make your life easier, and help you save water and money. Experience the tech behind our watering genius.

Meet B-hyve —

Smart watering,
Smart Home.

The B-hyve family of products provides smart water management solutions for your yard and your home.

In the home —

Detect Leaks,
Prevent Damage

The B-hyve Flood Sensors are some of the most advanced on the market. Small enough to fit anywhere, they alert you as soon as they detect water allowing you to prevent a leak from turning into a big problem.

For the Yard —

Smart watering,
Happy plants.

The B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer uses Wi-Fi to check your local weather and adjusts watering cycles accordingly. It also allows watering to be controlled with the free B-hyve app on most any mobile device.


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Control Anywhere

B-hyve is Wi-Fi enabled, giving you complete control over your watering system from your phone, tablet, or computer.


B-hyve helps you water right by using WeatherSense™ technology. It receives local weather data so it won’t water in the rain.

Detailed Scheduling

Use smart watering, manual, or a combination of both. You’re the boss. Watering restrictions? We’ve got you covered there too.

Catch Cup Tech

B-hyve is the only smart sprinkler controller that integrates catch cup measurements for the highest degree of precision.

Real-Time Updates

Be notified when watering completes, if a weather delay has been initiated, or if the controller has lost connection.

Network Meshing

B-hyve products allow you to control dozens of units through our network meshing technology from your smartphone via the Wi-Fi hub.

B-hyve Reviews

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Works Great - Very easy to set up and is something I needed in the basement.

Michael P., Verified Owner

"Easy to install, easy to use, and set up. Had no issues at all.”

Larry F., Verified Owner

"The controller was simple to install and link to my phone.”

John B., Verified Owner

"App integrates well with both hose controller and automatic sprinkler controller.”

Bill, Verified Owner

"Lawn looks better than it has in years.”

Kevin H., Verified Owner

"Makes watering your lawn a breeze”

Ed T., Verified Owner

48% water

B-hyve is your yard’s best friend.

Save water and money with B-hyve smart controllers.


Every Other
Day Watering (April - October)

90 Watering days

Average Water Used
Per Watering

1,800 Gallons

Average Water Used
Per Watering

162,000 Gallons


Watering adjusts
to the weather

47 Watering Days

Average Water Used
Per Watering

1,800 Gallons

Total Water

84,600 Gallons

The numbers
behind B-hyve

Water savings contextualized.

50 BIL

B-hyve saved 50 billion gallons of water since spring 2016.


45,000 Olympic swimming pools could be filled with the water savings from B-hyve.


B-hyve smart watering reduces
outdoor watering use
by 30-50%.


The annual average savings per controller is 50,000 gallons.

B-hyve around the world

B-hyve is available on five continents and the app is currently available in the following languages:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Polish.

B-hyve vs. Others B-hyve Others
Made in USA with global materials True True
WaterSense and SWAT certified True True
Control from anywhere True True
Rain Sensor compatible True True
Programmable with app or at timer True
Catch Cup integration for more water savings True
Indoor/Outdoor locking cabinet True
Swing panel for easy wiring access True

Smart home integrations

B-hyve products connect with Amazon Alexa and Google enabled products.

Apple HomeKit commands are coming soon.

Google Home
Amazon Echo
Apple HomeKit

Rebates for B-hyve may be available from 50% to 100% of the purchase price. Find out if you qualify for rebates here.

Rigorous testing

B-hyve has been tested to the industry’s highest standards for water-use efficiency. It’s both EPA WaterSense certified and SWAT certified.


B-hyve smart timers steal the spotlight at industry events and have earned accolades for innovation with our vendor partnerships.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your smart yard— the smart way.

The B-hyve team

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North Salt Lake City, Utah 84054
+1 801 299 5555

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