Welcome to the New “For You” Section of the B-hyve App

Welcome to the new “For You” section of the B-hyve app! As you enjoy your yard and your B-hyve, we wanted a space specifically “For You” to get helpful watering tips, tricks, information, and special offers for products used in your yards.

When new content is available, you will see a red dot in the “For You” section of the app. Once that content is viewed, the red dot will go away.

To you, our valued Orbit B-hyve customers, have a great watering season! During this period of uncertainty, may you find some peace spending time in your outdoor living spaces.

The B-hyve Team

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  1. Your review is awaiting approval

    How can i run 2 stations at once?

  2. Your review is awaiting approval

    You all stated at CES in 2018 that this would be Apple HomeKit compatible? What is the status of this promised feature? I will hit the buy button at amazon as soon as I can get a good update to this question? Thanks!

  3. Your review is awaiting approval

    The sales poster at The Home Depot demonstrates that the timer is Apple HomeKit Compatible. The box demonstrates Download on the Apple App Store. How do I get the code for setup in HomeKit?

  4. Dean

    Real convenient, We’re snowbirds and it’s nice to be able to control all zones and times from my device in Florida from my home in NY with my tablet with no problems. Love it

  5. Bart Glenn

    Love your timer!

  6. Your review is awaiting approval

    I used the catch cups on one of my zones just to get the hang of it. I then used the web site wateringschedule.com to enter the data. After answering all the questions on the web site I printed out the sheet recommendations. I also noticed the B-Hyve app asked for the same info that the web site did. I entered all the data and catch cup info into the app also. For now I just did this for one of six zones to experiment. I set that zone to smart water.
    B-Hyve Model #57946

    I’ve got a few questions:
    1) Why does the video tell you to input data and each catch cup result into the wateringschedule.com while the app asks for the same info? Is the website still needed? Was the app upgraded to omit the website?
    2) The recommendation sheet from the web site calls for two start times and a 30 minute delay between each start time. There is no where on the app for entering a delay time.
    3) For the zone I set up with smart watering, how do I know how long the zone will be on? How do I know which days the zone will water? Is this all automatic?
    4) Once I do the catch cup procedure on all six zones, enter the info to the app and set each zone for smart water should any thing show up on the app zone window or is this all automatic?

  7. Your review is awaiting approval

    I’ve got two B-hyve timers hooked up and running from my android phone ;my question is,can I run them on my IPad also?

  8. Your review is awaiting approval

    Like most I just love the system. However, I can’t figure out how to run the zones per the auto system but at a different start time. I’ve done it with the test feature but that is one zone at a time. I’d like to do this with phone at a distance.

  9. Your review is awaiting approval

    I am using my system to water my greenhouse. I do not need rain adjustment
    How do I turn that off ?

  10. Walter Miller

    I am enjoying the app. Thanks

  11. Your review is awaiting approval

    This app is like a website during the MySpace age.
    Badly designed, badly programmed and completely neglected by the owner.

    Instead of adding this new marketing page I would prefer it if you actually fixed your solution. The hardware works fine but the software is ABYSMAL!

  12. Ronald Mckinney

    Yesterday I was using your application on my phone. When a leak sprung from my pump. I was using your application on my phone, and was able to stop the pump immediately.
    I am very pleased with your application.

  13. Carmen Chavez

    Thank you, I enjoy the system

  14. Steven A Spevere

    I love this system.

  15. Gregg

    Good idea! Thanks.

  16. Shane Morton

    This system is great. Living in Idaho we can go from 90 degrees to Brooke freezing in a couple hours knowing that this sudden will automatically not water it it is to cold or windy awesome.

  17. John EVANS

    I am very pleased with my B-hyve controller. Summers in Arizona can be hard on lawns and plants, this unit allows me to make immediate adjustments from anywhere.

  18. John EVANS

    Thank you for the update.

  19. Juan valencia

    The sistem work excelent, I am happy with my service.

  20. Fja

    Live my bhyve. I would however like an advance notification that indicates that an event will begin in xx minutes.

  21. Ted Cole

    I really happy with my B-Hive! Saves a lot of water and I like being able to fine tune the control of each zone according to the watering needs of the foliage and soil type.
    Ted C.
    So Cal

  22. Mike Wetmore

    Love using the app on my phone and the computers in my home. My wife and I even used it to chase away the skunks.

  23. Francisco Elias

    Love the app cause I can control it from anywhere and on rainy days I can turn it off

  24. Curt

    The Byhve app is fantastic and so easy to use. Makes watering and managing my sprinkler system so easy, especially since I have 10 zones.

  25. RP Jones

    Love my B-hive and customer assistance has been great.

  26. Bob neaderthal

    I realize every B-hyve owner is not using drip irrigation, I’m sure many are, and as a new drip irrigation user, I would love hints and tips on irrigating settings for individual plants. Thanks

    • Michael C.

      Thanks Bob – Drip is a fantastic solution in many cases, and I’ve passed your request onto our content team. Look for more content to come!

  27. Eddie & Cyndi Best

    Absolutely love our byhves! We have two makes life so much easier!

    • Michael C.

      Thanks Eddie and Cyndi! We’re thrilled to hear that, and so grateful for our customers.

  28. Marco Torres

    Every thing has been great since you help me receive a new devise as the first one was defective
    I appreciate your support and I an getting ready to by a new devise for the vacation house as soon as restrictions are lifted.

    • Michael C.

      I’m glad we were able to get you back online with a new device, Marco. Hose tap timers are on sale for 20% off this week, so no better time to buy a second device!

  29. Spencer Reed

    Do you guys have any grass specific info (St. Augustine for me!) that can be selected in the For You section?

    Other than losing WiFi connection once in a while (system is in a metal building at the end of the WiFi reach), our system works great!

    • mcallahan

      Thanks for the question, Spencer, and we’ll figure out how to provide more specific information in For You – that’s a terrific suggestion. We’re always working on improving WiFi fidelity. Thanks for being a B-hyve customer.

  30. Teresa gildemeister

    It loses connection every 10 minutes. It loses my changes every time it loses connection. Even when I’m connected it will not let me test a zone. I couldn’t be more disappointed in any device I’ve ever had.

    • mcallahan

      So sorry to hear you’re experiencing connection issues – that’s not cool as we start the season. We will reach out to you via email and get an expert to assist you.

  31. Ron

    When I use the smart watering feature the app sits the system ran but it doesn’t. This forces me to use the Manuel setting. Not very smart.

    • mcallahan

      Hi Ron – I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. We’ll reach out to you via email and get an expert to assist.

  32. Dom Bernardi, Albuquerque, NM

    Looking forward to future reading future publications. Stay safe.

    • mcallahan

      Thanks Dom (is the Frontier still open in Albuquerque? Favorite college hangout). Appreciate the feedback, and we hope you and your family are staying safe as well.

  33. Bruce Craul

    Why are the historical watering snot the correct date. It thinks it’s 2015 while the calendar is correct. Software glitch?

  34. Dave Mathews

    I really enjoy my Orbit B-hyve timer. This will be my second season using it and it j.g as made things so much easier. Especially when I have yo be out in the middle of the lawn doing repairs on a sprinkler head..ot allows me to control the system without having to go back and forth to the timer. Or control my starions remotely during weather change and when away from home.

    • mcallahan

      Thanks Dave! We’re delighted to hear you’re having a great experience. And yes, it’s amazing to control things from far away!

  35. Michael Nelson

    Thanks for this new section, I am totally impressed by your hardware and app software and have used both for several years keeping control of both our main home and a small mountain cabin’s automated b-hyve systems from afar using the internet. Our just from the couch when the controller is out in the garage! Keep up the great work.

    • mcallahan

      Michael – You made our day! Thank you for being a B-hyve customers, and we’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying the new For You section. We’re excited to provide helpful and inspiring information – and for you to share with us as well.

  36. Michael

    Your app worked well until it didn’t. I can’t log in & I can’t reset the password.

  37. Mitch colson

    Thanks , for new update on “for you “section. The BEST watering system just keeps getting better. Thanks . M. Colson . WinterSprings, Fl.

    • mcallahan

      So glad to hear you’re enjoying For You! We’re excited to share information and helpful tips, and in turn be inspired by our customers. Thanks for being B-hyve.

  38. Stan Lincoln

    Cannot always access via WIFI on phone