The Right Drip Manifold for the Job

We’ve discussed picking the right drip tubing and the right drip sprinkler in previous posts.  Now, to tie it all together, we’ll discuss how to find the right drip manifold.  Orbit makes numerous manifolds for you to choose from, and each has its advantages, based on the criteria you want to meet.

67025_ActionAt the top of the range is the Apollo 8 manifold.  This manifold can be placed on any ½-inch riser, contains 8 individually adjustable ports and removable filter with pressure compensation.  When the job requires a lot of different drip lines, each with unique flow needs, this is the right manifold for the job.

Along with this we have the Quad manifold, which has four ports.  The flow is adjustable for the sprinkler as a whole (as opposed to each port individually), but it also contains pressure compensation and filter.

If your system is already pressure compensated—either at the valve or further down the line—then there are plenty of simpler options.  We have 2 and 4 port full flow manifolds.  These are great to quickly get drip into the garden. 67050_action

Last, but not least, our riser adapters give you the power of drip while maintaining the option to use a shrub sprayer or sprinkler head on top.  These come in 1 and 4 port options.

Whatever the job you have, Orbit makes the drip manifold for you.  When matched with our tubing and sprinklers, you’re going to have the perfect weapon for saving water and money, while keeping your garden in top shape.