The Perfect Time for Improvment

We were recently talking with a visitor here at Orbit about how droughts are a good avenue for education and improvement. They require people to think about irrigation in ways they never have before.  We know many of our customers have sprinkler systems which are decades old, and besides the occasional repair, they haven’t given much thought to what advancements have been made in the world of irrigation.  Over the years, new developments make sprinklers more efficient, saving money, water and time.

For the remainder of the home irrigation season, we’ll be featuring tips that homeowner’s can implement without any outside assistance.  Tips which will generate savings and conservation.  So whether you’re caught right in the middle of the ongoing California drought or just someone who wants to save some money on your water bill this summer, these tips will work great for you.  Keep an eye on this space, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we’d love to hear your suggestions and questions.