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Orbit Max Nozzle Perfect for Countless Jobs

Like many of you, I was recently starting up my sprinkler system and getting serious about fixing up my yard for summer. While I was trimming, tilling, and planting, I noticed that my yard required a lot of cleanup that I hadn’t paid attention to before. Particularly, cleaning the windows and walls of my house, hand watering some potted plants before I put them in the ground and even washing my car. All of these required me to use my hose, but each one needed a different nozzle.

26700The problem was each job needed something a little different in terms of power and spray distance. Well, Orbit makes the perfect product: The new 8-Pattern Max Nozzle.

Made from heavy duty, contractor grade metal, this nozzle can take the serious beatings we know real-world use dishes out. It was engineered from the inside out to offer increased water flow and optimize the eight different spray patterns. The Max Nozzle offers everything from a gentle, rain-like shower for delicate plants, to the powerful jet spray for blasting away tough debris.  And with 30% greater spray distance than the standard nozzle and 25% higher flow, you’ll have more power than ever before.

On the rear, you’ll find a smooth sliding thumb control lever, so you can tailor the nozzle’s power even further. And the insulated hand grip means you can use hot water up to 160°F.

With all the increased flow and contractor grade durability, it’s perfect for those wanting a nozzle that will last them years and years. Check it out at Lowe’s today.