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Introducing Wateringschedule.com

Orbit is excited to announce a product designed to greatly improve watering efficiency and conservation: Orbit Catch Cups.  These nifty little cups are used to perform water audits on your lawn.  When used in tandem with our website wateringschedule.com, the perfect watering schedule is just minutes away.

The process is simple.  Just place the cups around your yard and run your sprinklers for a short amount of time.  Record the findings and enter them in to wateringschedule.com, along with your zip code and soil type, and you’ll get a schedule customized to your yard.

The catch cups will also help you determine watering uniformity.  You’ll instantly be able to spot areas that are over or under-watered, and make the necessary corrections .

For most, these tests will yield two major insights into lawn watering habits.  First, you’ll find that you’re probably watering too much.  Watering your lawn too often is actually bad for it.  It hinders deep root growth.  The roots get spoiled by having an abundance of water so close to the surface and they never dig deep.  Second, the readings will probably suggest that you water in intervals.  This is because soil can only absorb so much water at once.  By watering in intervals, the soil has a chance to soak all the water.  Then, when you return for a second or third watering anywhere from 30-60 minutes later, the soil is then ready to suck up more water.

We invite you to head over to the website, test it out and see how Orbit Catch Cups can help you save thousands of gallons of water this summer.