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Orbit Solution Center is Here

Hose Faucet

Part of what makes Orbit world class is our commitment to our customers.  When you buy an Orbit product, we want to include solutions for the best use.  One of our goals is to empower the average home owner—dispelling the intimidation so often associated with home improvement—and give them the resources and tools necessary to get the job done right.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Orbit Solution Center.  Here we plan on sharing the growing wealth of information and experience that our professionals have with you, the home owner.  You’ll be able to find helpful and informative projects, each with detailed instructions to guide you from beginning to end.  You’ll see how our products are put into action, how to maintain them for the longest life possible and efficient performance.  We’ll show you repairs, installations, and helpful tips on bringing out the best to your home and garden.  We’ll even share ideas you may never have thought possible.  We’ve already added a number of projects and will add a continuous flow of new projects as well.

We’re constantly gauging what our customers are saying, and want to use your feedback as the basis for how we develop projects.  Our customers have an invaluable amount of real world experience with our products which would be impossible for us to gain on our own.  If you have feedback or project ideas you’d like to suggest, please visit us here and select “Project Suggestions”.