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Windowsill Herb Garden is Easy and Fun

For smart irrigation month we decided to put together a small planter to grow herbs (they’re the legal kind, don’t worry).  Herbs are a great plant to grow.  We’re growing ours outdoors, but they also do well indoors.  They smell good, grow fast, and are great for cooking.

To speed up watering, we decided to install some soaker hosing.  Ours hooks to a hose and is expandable, but these could easily be linked to an existing sprinkler system and other drip lines.

Here are the supplies we’ll use.

IMG_0003We’ve got 18 inches of ½ inch distribution tubing.  A 50-foot roll of ¼-inch soaker tubing (though we’ll only be using about 2-3 feet).  A ¼-inch barb tee.  ¼-inch barb coupling.  Two ¼-inch barb elbows (not pictured).  A ½-inch drip lock end cap adaptor (this makes the box expandable). A 3-in-1 drip lock faucet adapter.  Four ¼-inch dripper stakes to hold the soaker tubing in place.  Three ½-inch tubing straps to secure the tubing to the planter box.  A punch tool.  And finally, a tubing cutter.  A hammer was also necessary but you may not need this.

First, we attached the 3-in-1 adapter to our ½-inch tubing and measured it on the back of the box.


Next, we cut the tubing to size.


We then secured ½-inch tubing with our tubing straps, nailing them to the planter.


Here’s what it should look like:


This finished, we began attaching our ¼-inch tubing, making a small elbow where we’d attach our soaker tubing.


Winding the soaker tubing around the outside of the planter, we connected it back to where we began with the barbed tee.  This loop system isn’t necessary, but does eliminate need for a plug.

Finally, we planted our seeds.


We then took it to our hose and tested it out.  It runs great.



For us, this was the ideal solution because we move the box indoors every night.  For those whose planters will stay in a permanent location, the portability isn’t a necessary step.  Furthermore, connecting it to an existing underground systems drip line, you could have the boxes watered by a timer.  There’re plenty of routes to take, so experiment and have fun.  We’ll keep you updated throughout the summer as our herbs progress.