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Spring. There’s something about the re-birth of the earth that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. For centuries, poets have lauded spring in poems like this one, artists have immortalized spring scenes like this one, and musicians captured the feel of spring in music like this one.

We don’t know about you, but here at Orbit, we are starting to get Spring Fever. The snow is starting to melt in the valley, the temperature is climbing, and spirits are rising. Our spring probably feels more like this after being cooped up all winter.

        Spring makes me happy because . . .

When asked to finish this question, this is what some of our associates had to say:

  • There’s no more snow!
  • Color comes back into the world
  • Trees bloom with flowers
  • It’s warm enough to be outdoors
  • The world is fragrant
  • It brings a feeling of hope
  • You can exchange your coat for a jacket
  • There are more hours of daylight
  • School is almost out
  • It’s sprinkler season

Spring is almost here. So get those hands back in the dirt. Break out your gardening tools. Get your sprinkler systems ready.

And tell us, why do you love spring?