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Drip Irrigation Filters—why they are necessary

In drip irrigation, tiny particles of dirt are your worst adversary.


Because they clog up your drip tubes and emitters, making them ineffective. To avoid this clogging problem, a water filter of some type is recommended.

From a broad stance, filters come in two configurations: mesh and sediment filters.

Mesh filters are made from small layers of . . . well . . . mesh. The size of the mesh openings determines what size particles will be stopped and what size will pass through.

Most drip irrigation kits generally include a mesh-type filter.

The other type of filter, the sediment filter, is most often used in whole house water filtration.

Sediment filters consist of a cartridge and housing, and the cartridge does all the filtering. Some cartridges filter out particles down to 0.5 micron and even reduce certain chemicals (e.g., chlorine, lead, etc.).

IMPORTANT TIP: You will need to change your cartridge (or clean your mesh filter) periodically.

For mesh filters, check and clean them weekly (or more often if you find your water is not clean).