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Quick Fixes with Orbit PVC-Lock

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PVC-Lock isn’t just great for installing an underground sprinkler system, it’s also the perfect weapon for the inevitable repair.  Come springtime, many home owners will see a broken pipe or two.  Maybe the system wasn’t blown out properly or extra water got in there somewhere and froze, bursting the pipe.  Repairing these types of breaks used to be a muddy mess, lots of digging, waiting for the mess to dry before you could repair with toxic glue and primer.  With PVC-Lock you can now have these repairs done literally in minutes.

pvcslideSpecifically to solve the problems of breaks, two new products were developed for PVC-Lock: the Slide Repair Fitting and the Flexible Repair Fitting.  Each one tackles common breaks and the problems associated with them.

Those familiar with sprinkler systems are also familiar with slide repair fittings.  PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fittings function in the same manner, but with two important benefits: no glue and no waiting.  Once installed they’re instantly ready to be used.  You don’t need to wait for the glue and primer to dry.

pvcflex2And the PVC-Lock Flexible Repair Fitting?  Sometimes a pipe breaks not because of freezing water, but because of growing roots or shifting earth.  The Flexible Repair Fitting works great to get you around, under or over any of these.  Plus the flexible pipe means future changes won’t cause the same problem again.  All with no waiting and no glue.

All these fittings come in ½”, ¾” and 1” sizes, so we’ve got you covered.