Summer Lawn Maintenance

School is ending, the forecast is clearing and insanely hot weather is right around the corner. Here are a few ideas to keep your lawn healthy during the scorching summer months.

Summer Lawn 3Adjust your mower. A general rule of thumb is to keep your blade at three inches (or slightly higher). This allows the grass to develop deeper roots and maintain moisture.

Limit lawn treatments. Fertilizing, seeding and thatch removal are best done during the fall or spring. Instead, focus on keeping foot and vehicle traffic off your lawn during the hot months.

Watch your watering. During the summer, water deeply and less frequently. Also, try to water as early as possible to reduce evaporation and prevent fungal growth.

Know when to admit defeat. If your lawn goes brown and dormant, resist the temptation to douse it with ridiculous amounts of water. At that point, you’re better off leaving it alone and letting it recover naturally in the fall.

Hopefully these few simple suggestions help you keep your lawn green and lush this summer season. If you’re looking for more ideas, view our sprinkler and drip irrigation systems at