Shrub and Flowerbed Watering Solved

37330_ActionThere are so many different parts of a yard, and many different ways to get the watering needs met.  For lawns, the best is pop up sprinklers, with their great coverage, while for gardens drip can be best option, with pinpoint precision and water savings.

Shrubs and flowerbeds tend to sit somewhere in the middle and can cause a tricky problem of balancing water conservation with getting all the plants the water they need, all while keeping everything looking great.  Orbit offers a wide variety of options for shrub sprinklers and here we’ll talk about the different uses for each.

The first step in placing shrub sprinklers is determining what riser to use.  That will require an understanding of what plants you have and their watering needs.  As plants grow, some get higher, some wider and some both.  Because of this, whatever riser you choose will need to accommodate this growth.  Our adjustable risers let you move the height and with the option of interchangeable nozzles, you can also change the width. 54042_Action

And what nozzle should you choose?  We tend to prefer our adjustable pattern nozzles, just because they let you get the perfect pattern, instead of quarter increments only.  But our brass, plastic and brass/plastic hybrid nozzles are all great as well.  Furthermore, we offer bubblers in both the micro-stream and mushroom pattern.  These can be great for smaller plants that need a little precision.

Also, our risers can be fitted with any of our drip/riser mix manifolds, which give you the ability to add drip lines along with a shrub nozzle.