Push Fittings–Why you should switch.


Push Fittings are the next generation, cleanest, fastest and most dependable way to install and maintain an environmentally-friendly, professional-grade sprinkler system. WARNING–if you keep reading this you won’t ever want to go back to traditional fittings again. Here’s why:



Revolutionary Technology

With the “push-and-go” design, installation has never been faster or easier. In fact push fittings have proven to be 3X faster to install than traditional fittings. Say goodbye to using glue or primer and waiting 24 hours for it to dry. Say goodbye to tools, torches, and clamps. Just push on the fitting and the stainless steel teeth will rotate on the pipe and lock into place.


Made a mistake? No problem, push fittings are easy to remove using the release tool. You no longer have to cut the pipe off and start all over again. You can even rotate push fittings 36o degrees! Push fittings can even stand hot or cold temperatures without separating from the pipe.


Push Fittings are IAPMO certified–meaning they’ve passed a bunch of tests that prove their performance. They also eliminate the need for harmful glue and solvents that can be hazardous to your health and the environment. To learn more about why you should switch follow this link: https://www.hydrorain.com/pushfittings/