Models #: 26099D ?

Product Description
A versatile Sprinkler Adjustment Tool has everything needed to adjust, repair, or clean your sprinkler heads. Its plastic comfort grip allows a tight grasp that won't slip. Sprinkler tools on hand in one convenient package Stem clip for easy nozzle replacement Fixed nozzle socket to removes brass nozzles 3 different-sized threaded stem pullers to accommodate most brands of sprinkler stems 2 gear drive tools to adjust spray pattern and distance 5 screw driver bits for adjusting spray heads and cleaning nozzles Punch tool for micro-irrigation Comfort handle for a secure grip.

Features and Benefits
  • (1) stem clip to hold spring-loaded pop-up stems while replacing nozzles
  • (5) screw driver bits for adjusting spray-heads and cleaning nozzles
  • (2) gear-drive tools for adjusting spray pattern and distance
  • (3) stem pullers threaded to fit most brands of sprinkler stems
  • (2) nut drivers
  • (1) hex wrench
  • (1) punch tool for micro-irrigation
  • (1) fixed nozzle socket to remove and install fixed-pattern nozzles

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