Models #: 57594 ?

Product Description
The 4-Station Indoor-Mount Easy-Dial Timer utilizes Orbit Easy-Set Logic programming, taking the guesswork out of setting your timer. This new timer also includes an auto-reset circuit breaker, large dial, and easy-to-read LCD display. Flexible settings and manual rain delay feature make this timer a robust option to handle your watering needs, while remaining easy to set and operate.

Features and Benefits
  • EASY-SET LOGIC: Hassle-free programming controls how long, how often, and when to water.
  • FLEXIBLE SETTINGS: Water each station 1-240 minutes with up to 8 start times per day.
  • RAIN DELAY: This setting allows you to manually delay watering by 24, 48, or 72 hours, and is also compatible with a rain sensor for automatic delays. (Rain sensor sold separately.)
  • INDEPENDENT DUAL PROGRAMS: A/B programs for days of week, watering intervals, and odd/even days.
  • WATER BUDGETING: Easily adjust your run times based on the seasonality without having to reprogram your timer frequently.
  • EASY VISIBILITY: The large dial and LCD screen make it easy to see and operate.
  • CONSERVE WATER: By setting your timer to run at the most efficient times of the day, water is absorbed at the roots rather than being lost to evaporation.
  • NO BARE WIRES: Removable plate located on the front of the timer offers easy wiring access, and protects the connections.

Instruction Manual is for models # 57594
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