Models #: 55661, 55662, 91561, 94161 ?

Product Description
The Voyager II Pop-up Gear Drive Sprinkler Head offers a versatile spray distance from 25 feet to 52 feet, and can be adjusted in a part- to full-circle spray pattern. The gear-drive rotor provides even and complete water coverage, as well as a quiet spray that wont wake the neighbors. An easy-to-remove filter prevents clogging from dirty, non-potable water sources, and is easy to clean. The Voyager II is the perfect update for old, failing, or inefficient sprinkler systems and is a compatible replacement for all major brands of gear drive rotors. Comes pre-installed with a 3 gallon per minute nozzle, and a bonus rack of nozzles to adjust each sprinkler to achieve equal yard coverage.

Features and Benefits
  • LONGEST SPRAY DISTANCE: Sprays adjust from a 25- to 52-foot radius, the longest distance in its class.
  • COMPATIBLE DESIGN: Perfect replacement for old, failing, or inefficient sprinkler systems and is compatible with all major brands of gear-drive rotor sprinklers.
  • AREA COVERAGE: Ideal for medium to large lawns.
  • BONUS NOZZLES INCLUDED: Customize each sprinkler for equal yard saturation. Pre-installed with a 3 gallon per minute nozzle, which can be switched as needed.
  • ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE: Comes with a key to easily adjust spray coverage from a partial section to full 360° watering.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Gear-drive rotor sprinkler offers a quiet and smooth rotating spray.
  • LOW PROFILE: 4-inch pop-up height.
  • STANDARD CONNECTION: 3/4 In. female threaded.
  • REMOVABLE FILTER: Easy-to-remove filter reduces clogging from dirty non-potable water debris.

Instruction Manual is for models # 55661, 55662, 91561, 94161
Replace wiper seal on Orbit Voyager II

How to Clean Filter on Orbit Voyager II

Adjust a Voyager II Gear Drive

How to Change an Orbit Voyager II Nozzle

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