Models #: 55045 ?

Product Description
The Titan Shrub Gear Drive is an ideal watering solution for areas with tall plant growth. This above ground gear drive can be attached to a sprinkler riser to water above the shrub or flower line without having to use a canister-type product. Using nothing more than a flat head screwdriver to adjust the smooth rotating spray, this gear drive can be set to a variable spray area of from 15 to 30 ft., and spray radius of from 40 to 360 degrees. For effortless maintenance, the Titan features a large, easy to access, easy to clean filter.

Features and Benefits
  • Adjustable Spray Distance 15 to 30 Degrees
  • Smooth Rotating Spray Pattern
  • Easy to Adjust - No special tools required
  • Large Easy to Clean Filter
  • 1/2" inlet fits most risers.

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