Models #: 96079 ?

Product Description
This medium-area Pop-Up Gear-Drive Sprinkler Head covers areas from a 15 ft. up to a 30 ft. radius in a part- to full-circle spray pattern. The gear drive rotor ensures even and complete water coverage as well as a quiet spray. A filter protects the nozzle from clogging and is easily accessible for cleaning. It is compatible with all major brands of gear drive rotors including Rainbird, Hunter, and Toro.

Features and Benefits
  • Saturn IV Professional Gear Drive; AUS
  • Simple adjustment for full or part circle (40 to 360 degrees)
  • Proven gear drive provides even rotation and uniform watering
  • Extra-large filter screen traps debris to prevent large objects from becoming lodged in the gear head while debris small enough to pass through the filter screen should pass through the head and out the nozzle
  • Spray adjusts from a 15 ft. to a 30 ft. radius in a part or full circle

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