Models #: 91814 ?

Product Description
The Saturn III® is the #1 consumer choice for medium area gear drive rotor sprinkler heads. It is ideal for medium area coverage with easy-to-adjust coverage radius of 15-25 ft. and from 40-360 degrees. Adjustments take just seconds with a simple flathead screwdriver. The large removable filter resists clogging and is simple to clean. The Saturn III® has a 4" pop-up height and uses a 1/2" FNPT connection. The whisper quiet operation eliminates noise. Coverage radius from 15' to 25' a part- to full-circle spray pattern ensures even and complete water coverage. The Saturn III is the perfect update for old, failing or inefficient sprinkler systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for medium area coverage
  • Spray adjusts from a 15'-25' radius in a part- or full-circle pattern
  • Gear drive rotor sprinkler with a quiet and smooth rotating spray
  • 4" pop-up height
  • Removable filter reduces clogging

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