Models #: 26251 ?

Product Description
Start saving water today. One of the great mysteries of sprinkler systems is how to program your timer so you don't waste water. Making sure you use just the right amount of water, or conducting an irrigation audit, leads to maximum sprinkler efficiency and that's where B-hyve sprinkler catch cups (also known as catch cans) come in. They simply and effectively help you conserve water, perform your own sprinkler audit and reduce your water bill by accurately measuring sprinkler application rates for each watering station. Simply place the catch cups in the included catch stands, run your sprinkler timer for 10-20 minutes per station, record the amount of water that falls into each cup and input the numbers into and B-hyve exclusive watering schedule application. Voila. The application will tell you your irrigation efficiency and timer schedule for each station, including correct duration and frequency for every month of the year.

Features and Benefits
  • Contains 12 durable polypropylene catch cups and catch stands
  • Features industry-common 16.25 sq. in. average throat area
  • Measures sprinkler application in inches and millimeters
  • Compatible with B-hyve exclusive watering timer schedule application
  • 1-set of cups covers a station that has up to six sprinkler heads

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Sales Sheet is for models # 26251
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