Models #: 92100 ?

Product Description
The Orbit Misting Booster Pump increases regular 3/8-inch mist line pressure capacity to 160 psi. This rise in pressure capacity creates a finer mist, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of your misting system. The pump mounts easily to any wall, and connects to your water source with simple, built-in Slip-Lok? connections.

Features and Benefits
  • BOOSTED PSI: Increases or boosts line pressure to 160 psi.
  • GREATER COOLING: Creates a finer mist for greater cooling and enjoyment.
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Quickly connects to your mist system and water source with the simplicity of built-in Slip-Lok? fittings.
  • IMPROVED FLOW RATE: Increases flow to as much as 1.1 GPM, depending on nozzle size.
  • STANDARD COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most 3/8-inch flexible tubing mist systems.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: For outdoor use with cold water only.
  • 1.1 gpm varies by nozzle size

Instruction Sheet is for models # 92100
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